Diving in Indonesia



·         Manta rays in NusaPenida, Bali

Away from tourism, Nusa Penida is surrounded by sublime backdrops. The conditions canbe difficult - it is essential to use an excellent diving provider - but depending on the time of the year, you may come across huge moonfish and manta rays.

·         Bunaken and Cape Bira, Sulawesi

·         The wreck of the Liberty in Tulamben, Bali

On Bali's eastern coastal road, Tulamben is THE diving village. This iswhere the American cargo ship Liberty, sunk during the Second World War, lies close to the shore. You cansnorkel on the wreck.

·         Komodo and Rinca

Around these islands, where the Sea of Flores and the Selat Sumba (Strait of Sumba) meet, one can observe remarkably diverse corals and marine species.

·         The Gili Archipelago, Lombok